International Academy of Science 

The International Academy of Science (IAS) is a global membership organisation of researchers, scholars and intellectuals.  The International Academy of Science (IAS) as central body of the International Council for Scientific Development (ICSD) is an independend organisation of distinguished academicians engaged in scientific research, dedicated to the furtherance of science and humanity for global sustainability and universal humanity. It is the central and active ICSD-body which coordinates activities of the sections of IAS as well as of the boards (committees, institutions and honorary senate (members)).

The International Council of Scientific Development (ICSD), with universities (around the world) and member institutions was founded 1980 with its central body the International Academy of Science (founded 1982) by distinguished academicans and scholars with the aim of developing new scientific approaches which could lead to effective problem solving in the 21. century. The ICSD-IAS serves as an international scientific forum for science without borders. Research is made in the institutions of the the ICSD Network. 

Research areas and sciences

In the IAS-ICSD all today's research areas, humanities and sciences are represented. Main fields are: biophysics, health science, health and ecology, environmental health, environmental education, education for sustainable development, forecasting of earthquakes, global change research, philosophy of science and medicine, planetary health / medicine, physiology and sustainability science. The International Academy of Science has independent research institutes in Russia, Azerbaijan and a center in Austria.